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Every year, hundreds of patients in the United States die from the effects of heatstroke… children left in hot cars, athletes practicing in sun-drenched fields, or workers doing physical labor in hot and humid conditions. Iced water immersion is universally recognized as the standard of care for treating heatstroke. The Life Recovery Systems ThermoSuit System is the only medical device that uses iced water immersion technology to cool patients in a controlled environment and is the fastest, safest and most effective treatment for heatstroke.

When considering treatment systems for Therapeutic Hypothermia, please also bear in mind this FDA cleared indication for use of the ThermoSuit System. Below is a link to a Press Release and an electronic file of our new brochure for heatstroke awareness. Please contact us if you would like printed copies to create public awareness in your community.

Why not establish your Hospital as a Center of Excellence for treating heatstroke patients in your community? Below is a link to a draft letter for you to send to your local EMS providers that you can use to encourage them to bring all heatstroke patients to your Hospital for treatment using the ThermoSuit System. Please contact us if you would like copies of our Heatstroke Treatment Center of Excellence poster to display in your Emergency Department (see pdf below).

→ ThermoSuit System and Heatstroke press release…

→ Download the brochure… (PDF)

→ Download the poster… (PDF)

→ Download draft letter to EMS providers… (Word Doc)

→ Download White Paper… (PDF)

The ThermoSuit and Hyperthermia.

The ThermoSuit and Hyperthermia.

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