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Recently published clinical studies highlight the cooling speed advantages of the ThermoSuit System. A multicenter study published in Resuscitation 2010 [1] studied the effects of cooling patients with either cooling blankets or adhesive gel pads. A second multicenter study used the ThermoSuit System to cool a similar population of patients.

The results of these studies showed a marked advantage in the cooling speed achievable using the ThermoSuit System. The target temperature of 34°C could typically be achieved with the ThermoSuit with a treatment of 37 minutes. Even faster cooling with the ThermoSuit (median cooling time of 27 minutes) could be achieved with the use of propofol as a sedative during the cooling process. In comparison, the gel pads and cooling blankets typically required three to four hours to cool to target.

The gel pad approach enabled the target temperature to be reached within four hours of the start of cooling in only 71% of the patients, and with the cooling blankets only 50% of patients reached the target temperature within four hours. In comparison, the ThermoSuit was 100% successful in achieving the target temperature within 4 hours (the slowest cooling time with the ThermoSuit was only 81 minutes).

The ThermoSuit System is the clear system of choice when rapid, powerful cooling is required.

1. Heard KJ et al, “A randomized controlled trial comparing the Arctic Sun to standard cooling for induction of hypothermia after cardiac arrest”, Resuscitation 2010 Vol 81, No. 1, 9-14.
2. Howes D, Ohley W, Dorian P, Klock JC, Freedman R, Schock R, Krizanac D, Holzer M, “Rapid Induction of Therapeutic Hypothermia using Convective-Immersion Surface Cooling: Safety, Efficacy, and Outcomes”, Resuscitation (81) 2010, 388-392.

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