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ThermoSuit ice water pump and control


photo of the ThermoSuit rapid emergency cool device for hospitals The ThermoSuit® cools your patient with direct water on skin contact. The water flows over the patient and is returned to the pump. A continuous flow of water is cycled through – drawing heat off the body in a much more rapid process than either gel pads or cooling blankets – a treatment period of about 30 minutes is usually sufficient to cause a body core temperature reduction of 3 degrees C. The suit is portable and is used on a conventional gurney. As your patient reaches the target temperature the water is drawn off the patient and the ThermoSuit® is rolled up and discarded. Your patient will stay cool for hours after removal from the ThermoSuit.

The High-Technology Design of the ThermoSuit® Lower Fluid Delivery System Incorporates:

  • Head positioning indicator
  • Porous lining for uniform fluid distribution
  • Velcro sealing for easy routing of patient lines in and out
  • Expandable gussets to accommodate a wide variety of patients

TSP50 ThermoSuit® Pump:

The TSP50 is the “heart” of the ThermoSuit® technology. The pump controls the flow of water all with an easy to use touch screen interface. The pump is designed to move about the room on casters

With an intuitive user interface and portable, easy-to-set-up design, the ThermoSuit® System is the simple solution for emergency cooling.

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