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ThermoSuit ice water pump and control


photo of the ThermoSuit rapid emergency cool device for hospitals The ThermoSuit® cools your patient with direct water on skin contact. The water flows over the patient and is returned to the pump. A continuous flow of water is cycled through – drawing heat off the body in a much more rapid process than either gel pads or cooling blankets – a treatment period of about 30 minutes is usually sufficient to cause a body core temperature reduction of 3 degrees C. The suit is portable and is used on a conventional gurney. As your patient reaches the target temperature the water is drawn off the patient and the ThermoSuit® is rolled up and discarded. Your patient will stay cool for hours after removal from the ThermoSuit.

The High-Technology Design of the ThermoSuit® Lower Fluid Delivery System Incorporates:

• Head positioning indicator
• Porous lining for uniform fluid distribution
• Velcro sealing for easy routing of patient lines in and out
• Expandable gussets to accommodate a wide variety of patients

→ Click here for The Thermosuit® spec sheet (on screen)
→ Click here to download (PDF)

TSP50 ThermoSuit® Pump:

The TSP50 is the “heart” of the ThermoSuit® technology. The pump controls the flow of water all with an easy to use touch screen interface. The pump is designed to move about the room on casters

→ Click here for the TSP50 Pump spec sheet (on screen)
→ Click here to download (PDF)

With an intuitive user interface and portable, easy-to-set-up design, the ThermoSuit® System is the simple solution for emergency cooling.

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